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She couldn't run anymore. Becka's legs gave out and she crashed to the ground in the cornfeild. "UUGhF"

She gasped for air as her ribs sent her to the edge of unconsiousness with pain. She layed there gasping for air holding her self around the middle and trying to stay consious. It must have been around an hour since she had started running for her life. Now her body was giving up on her. She had pushed herself to far. Now she was fighting to stay awake. The edges of her vision were starting to gray.

Becka heard the destinct sound of a motorcycle coming down the road towards her. She had no strenghth to go flag them down. Becka then heard the motorcycle slowing down to stop close to where she was. She didn't have enough strength to get up and run.

She turned to see who it was that was coming closer to her. She looked up to see Dante come through the stalks of corn to stand looking down on her.

Becka's body went numb as she felt like ice flowed through her viens. "No." she breathed.

Dante looked down on her. She was covered in dirt and blood from her old cuts reopening. Her breathing was harsh and ragged. Becka saw something in his eyes that looked like some kind of fear and something else she couldn't understand. He went down on his knees beside her and reached out to take her chin in his hands.

Becka recoiled away. "Don't touch me you hell spawn." She tryed to scramble backwards.

Dante grabbed her arm in an firm but gentle grip. "Stay still. I need to see the wound above your eye." He took her chin in his hand and forced her to stay still while he looked her over. "Damn... I don't have time to take you back and clean you up before my brother sees you like this and knows you tried to escape." His brow nitted together and a frown graced his lips. "He'll want to punish you for sure this time... He'l end up killing you...I..." his eyes dragged down to her eyes and locked with a nearly frantic look. "I am sorry for what I did to you last night. I've never hated myself more. I hated hurting you. But I had to so he wouldn't kill you and send me back to hell."

Becka's scowl disapeared and a look of shock and confusion came and took it's place. "What? What are you saying?" she asked as he let go of her chin.

Dante looked into her eyes and said. "I did what I did to keep you alive. I never wanted him to find you. But my brother wouldn't stop looking for you. Then when I saw you... I..." Then his eyes changed to show resolve. "I'm going to help you escape."

"WHAT?" Becka was shocked.

"Demetri will only kill you if he finds you now." Dante started to put his arms under her.

"What the hell? Why are you trying to help me now?" she asked him with narrowed eyes.

"Because..." Dante picked her up in his arms and stood up. "I want you for myself."
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December 28, 2008
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