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After trying to escape Dante had found her and said he would help her escape and now Becka was shocked and frightened at his words.

"Demetri will only kill you if he finds you now." Dante started to put his arms under her.

"What the hell? Why are you trying to help me now?" she asked him with narrowed eyes.

"Because..." Dante picked her up in his arms and stood up. "I want you for myself."

Now he was carrying her to a black Harley Davidson. It looked like one of those ones used for crossing the country, with compartments on the back sides. He sat her down on the bike. "Do you have enough strength to hold onto me while I drive?" he asked her as he held her shoulders. She shivvered in the cold and from his touch. Dante saw this and took off his motorcycle jacket and put it around her shoulders. "Here. It will only get colder when we start to ride." He got on the bike as Becka put on the jacket and zipped it up. She felt warmer almost imeadiatly. She was hesitant and confused. Was she really going to trust a demon to help her escape another demon? Becka thought about it and found she had no choice. So she leaned forward and put her arms around Dante to keep herself upright. Her body was so sore and tired she was practly leaning all her weight on Dante. "Just keep ahold of me. If you start to loose consiousness just squeeze twice. Make sure you hold on tight." Dante then started up the bike and they started driving. Becka noticed he started going faster and faster. She didn't know how fast they were going but her hair was wipping in the breeze and she had to close her eyes to calm her fears of crashing. So she knew that they were going well over the speed limit.

Becka had to let put her mind on something else other than the high speeds they were driving at. Her mind seemed to go straight to Jesse. His eyes. All the various colors of his eyes. Warm tranquil brown, bright vibrant blue, deep intense green. All of them held apart of her in them. And a peice of her battered heart. She missed his warmth. She felt so cold without him. Becka let her mind revolve around her memories of Jesse. It was what kept her grounded. Kept her sane. She eventually let her mind wander to her mentor Victor and what he would say if he saw her now. What he would think of her trusting a demon to help her. She shuddered at the thought. The way she imagined him looking at her made her open her eyes to escape the thought.

That was a bad idea. She saw just how fast they were going and nearly had a heart attack. She noticed she was getting weaker. She squeezed Dante twice and he instantly slowed. He pulled over and parked and turned off the bike. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

"I can't hold on much longer." she admitted to him as relief set in at being still. She was taking shallow gasping breaths. She could feel herself nearly passing out.

"Can you hold on for 5 more minutes? Were nearly to the city. We'll stay at a motel there." he told her looking everywhere as if Demetri was going to just appear out of thin air. He seemed on edge.

Becka nodded her head and and took a deep breath. "Yes. I think I can..." she noticed that she was shivvering against him.

He looked back and his on edge look turned to a worried frown. "Damn, your wounds are already infected. You have a fever." He hurridly turned the bike back on and called over the roar of the engine. "Hold on Rebecka!" then he gunned it and Becka had to hold on tight. She couldn't stop shivvering she was so cold. She felt herself start to break out in a sweat. A couple of beads of sweat trickled down her temple and forhead. She had to keep her eyes open so she wouldn't pass out. She saw as they flew by a sign that said "Welcome to Oakdale". Her vision was graying at the edges. They pulled into the motel not to long after that. Becka was fighting to stay awake. Dante quickly got off the bike and Becka ended up laying down forward on the Harley. She watched as he leaned down and gathered her up into his arms. She was loosing her battle to stay awake. She was limp in his arms. Her head hang back and her arms dangled. The last thing she saw was Dante opening a door to a motel room and then darkness took her over.
okay so i would really love it if anyone and I mean anyone who reads this at least leaves a message saying you've read it. I feel like I've lost my audience.

The winchesters will make another showing in this story very very soon.
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read it.
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thank you sooooo much!!
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