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it grips you tight
go ahead and fight
you will never see the light
ever again after this night
Scream as it rips and tears at your throat
taking every thing from you and your last hope
feel it as it fills you and at your skin it gropes
for this is something in which you can not cope
it's pure fear baby what are you gonna do
feel it wash over you as every thing goes black an blue
you're drowning now and right on cue
feel it rip the scream's from you
can you really be scared to death
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 2
Don't Ruin It
lead me onto the dance floor
take me in your arms and glide
you can see in my eyes I'm not to sure
of where we are going so I hide
I hide my heart behind my eyes
And hope you never find it
for as we dance I feel my temperature rise
I hope the nightlights have you blinded
Cause if not then you can see
All of my flaws and broken places
Don't look, just dance with me
So that I can temporarily fill those empty spaces
And It won't hurt when you let me go
This song wont go on forever
But you make me feel alive right now so
I will remember this perfect moment, forever
I hope that is enough to keep my heart alive
Now go. Don't ruin a perfect moment with lies about forever...goodbye.
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 3 3
Burn My Internal City
Oh my burning city
set ablaze in my mind
the flames rage with no pity
for those that the fire finds
Oh my city burns eternal
in front of my unseeing eyes
its pain and horror are internal
in me as the smoke stains the skies
screams fill the midnight air
infecting my mind as they ring
through the streets of my unfair, city
that's only voice is smoke and silent screams
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 2 3
Bring You To Life
let yourself go
let your body move
close your eyes just so
and show you have nothing to prove
just feel the beat
let it fill you till you're full
feel the rhythm of your heartbeat
change to the music's push and pull
let the lyrics lift your heart
and the bass pump you blood
let the rhythm take you apart
and the music fill you with love
let the music bring you to life
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 4
Tainting Darkness
Hello darkness
my old enemy
I see you've come again
to whisper to me
whisper sweetly your temptations
that twist and taint my mind
you pull me in
into your insanity
that infects my mind
stealing my peace and salvation
giving me nothing but a mind
slowly twisted into nothing but garbled whispers
that temp me while they say nothing
screaming at me like smoke filling my lungs
with tar and poison that chokes me in my sleep
sleep that is ripped from me
by nightmares that tear
tear at what's left of my sanity
I pray for the light to shine on me
as I find myself lost
in the darkness
to bad that there won't be anything left of me
when the sun rises
there will only be the tattered remains
of my sanity to warped and tainted
to recognize the light anymore
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 1
Listen to the Silence
listen close
and you just might
be able to hear the silence
the silence that calms and inspires
that pushes and pulls
that disturbs and enrages
that brings peace and eradicates strife
that is sweet, sweet silence
silence so black and empty
that it fills you with light and meaning
so if you listen close
you just might hear
the silence
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 0 1
Black Sun
black sun don't forget to shine
shine in my life (black out my sight)
light the bright places with shadows
and make everything wrong tonight
oh black sun shine on me just right
show me the wrong paths to take
let me dance in your shadows (dance in your shadows)
and all the blackness that you make
let me sing your screaming song
that never stops whispering in my mind (never stops whispering)
about all the rights that you forsake
(forsake me, forsake me, please black sun forsake me)
black sun don't forget to shine (don't forget to shine)
shine in my life (black out my sight)
light the bright places with shadows
and make everything wrong tonight (make everything wrong tonight)
Black sun bring me lack luster dreams
dreams that haunt my sleep (haunt my sleep)
and only chaos do you bring
chaos that rips me at the seams
your black rays only tear at my mind (tear at my mind)
every thing you give I can never keep
the black sun brings me dreams that make me scream
(scream for that black sun to s
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 0 10
The End Brings Sleep
Hit me beat me cut me
so that I can rest tonight
so that I will find solace in sleep
sleep so fleeting for fear brings me awake
awake so suddenly that rest evades my body
just as sanity evades my mind
please just end it tonight
so that I can sleep
sleep forever
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 0 0
Burning City
This city burns
Burns in my mind
Smoke rises to the sky
To stain the clouds black
Black with death and sorrow
Sorrow for the city
As it crumbles into ash
Ash and rubble
Before the rain comes
Comes to rescue the city
The city that is already dead
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 0 3
City of Lost Angels
So here be the city
The city of lost angels
Those that can no longer fly to the golden gates
The city gives them one last haven
when their heaven rejects them
One last place where
The winged ones stay
Stay in this gray city
This city of lost angels
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 2 3
Hurts So Good
Hurt me
Hit me
Show me you care
Cut me
Beat me
Come on lets share
Shake me
Break me
Give me all your love
Kiss me
Kill me
Give me that one last shove
Right over the edge...
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 0
This Dance Called Life
I feel so unsure
As I take your hand
and take you onto the dance floor
faith is all I'll find
As I look deep into your eyes
the eyes that seem so blind
to all the bad in me and all the lies
Please tell me I'm worth saving
Tell me I'm worth something
Tell me you love me
so my life can have meaning
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 3 5
No Good Bye is Good
It looks like I have failed again
I just can't live with that
It will soon be over
Don't look sad my love
Why please don't go
Why are you going to leave me here
In this world where the only reason I matter
Is because you love me
I will always love you
Even when I am gone
But I can't stay here anymore
With all the pain and fear
How will your love matter when you're gone
Gone to leave me here to suffer alone
You will find another to love
And to love you...goodbye
I hate you for doing this
I know...I'm sorry...I love you
I didn't mean it! I'm sorry I love you!
Good bye...
I'll miss you...
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 14
I can't get out. The flames are everywhere and the smoke seems to fill my lungs with every breath I take. I'm so scared. My skin is starting to blister from the heat but I can barely feel it from the lack of oxygen. My vision is staring to blur and go gray around the edges. I know there is no rescue coming. I have never wanted to die fast before in my life. But right now I am praying that I die from suffocation rather than feeling the fire burn me alive. The flames are coming closer and I fall to my hands and knees. I'm coughing so much that I can barely see or get any kind of breath. Even a smoke filled one. I look up at the sound of wood splintering. I see a huge flaming support beam coming down right for me and I am actually relieved that I'll be crushed to death. Please let it be quick...and it is.
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 6
I'm sinking. This water is freezing. Like a thousand knifes stabbing my skin as I sink into it's inky depths. It's getting so dark now. I can't breath. I am slowly starting to weaken. I find myself unable to try to swim to the surface anymore. Now I just reach up towards the last trace of light that I can see as I sink unmoving, breathless, lifeless to the bottom of this lake that has already iced over and enclosed my in my watery grave. As the light fades to only surround me in blackness, I am not sure if it is only dark or if I am already dead. I guess I'll never know.
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 2 12
I'm worthless
I know it
I'm senseless
I see that
I'm nothing but an annoyance
A burden
A pain you can't get rid of
To bad I love you
I guess you chose to put up with me before you realized
Just how worthless
I am
and probably will always be
:iconheartless-abandon:Heartless-Abandon 1 4



new mom
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ok I'm alive. Just really freaking busy! Plus I'm reading the House Of Night Series! And a LOT of Cleaning! Guh! I hate scrubbing! anyway I'm alive and I will be writing something soon. Maybe even tonight!


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